JYMEO is looking for new talents in order to pursue its development. Acting on its founding principles, the company will allow you to occupy high-responsibility positions and to evolve in a dynamic and professional work environment.

They have worked with us

As part of my Master’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages to International Trade at the University of Nantes, I did an internship at JYMEO. During the 4 months I worked as an international development officer. The small size of the company and its heteroclite team was a great opportunity to discover new areas and to mutually enrich our skills, either in terms of languages, marketing, communication, business, computing or even in design.

For me JYMEO is: a young company, international, dynamic, ambitious, conducive to everyone and attentive to its employees’ expectations.Louise

Coming from Yantai, China, I took part in a Master’s degree in marketing and new information and communication technologies at the University of Angers. I ended my studies with an internship at JYMEO as a web marketing assistant. Thanks to this 6 month internship I had the possibility to apply my knowledge and to develop my professional skills.

For me JYMEO means: competence, energy and future.Guanghui

As part of my studies in Spain I did an Erasmus year in France in order to enrich my professional skills and knowledge. Therefore I integrated the Master’s degree at SciencesCom, in Nantes. During this year I did a 4 month internship at JYMEO as an international development officer. My mission was to develop the Spanish markets and to elaborate on a communication strategy targeted at Spain.

For me JYMEO is: enriching, professional and full of opportunities.Marta

During my third year at the Ecole Atlantique de Commerce (Atlantic School of Commerce) in Nantes, I did my internship at JYMEO. During 6 months I was in charge of communication. My role was to develop a corporate image and to elaborate communication strategies. Being in a dynamic work environment with a unique team was enriching both professionally and personally.

For me JYMEO is: multicultural, energetic, professional and enriching.Alice

As part of my Master’s degree in Communication at SciencesCom, I joined JYMEO for a 6 month internship as an international development officer. My role was to develop the British market and to assist the communication team of the company. This internship was very enriching thanks to its international dimension, the diversity of the tasks to accomplish as well as the friendly and professional work environment.

For me JYMEO means: youth, unity, international vision and future.Hermann

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