Our solutions for garage owners

Thanks to its experience in the automotive field, JYMEO has developed a platform dedicated to installers. This service unique, completely free and without commitment will give you the opportunity to increase your customer base by mounting tires.

Our network of installers

A single registration

Like more than 1000 mechanics, register your garage on our platform dedicated to installers. JYMEO centralizes your registrations on tire retail websites. With only one registration, your garage will be present as an installer on the main tire retail websites.

Simplified updates

In case of an update of your opening hours, your prices or your leave period, only one modification will be necessary to relay automatically the information to the online retailers.

What are the advantages ?

By joining JYMEO and its platform dedicated to installers, you will be able to:

  • Attract new customers in your garage, easily and for free
  • Increase your sales turnover mounting tires and selling complementary services (chose and modify your prices at your convenience)
  • Enhance your online visibility by registering to main tire retail websites
  • Save time: with only one registration and centralized updates for all of our current and future partners

It's not only a gain of time, it's also the opportunity to register to more tire retail websites without worrying about anything.

How to register ?

Fill in for free our registration form. It only takes a few minutes.


Contact us for any further information on +33 (0)9 52 29 49 84 or by email commercial@jymeo.com