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Tirecomp & Tyrecomp

Tire price comparison websites

Tirecomp.com & Tyrecomp.co.uk are our english speaking tire comparison websites, one for the American market and another for the British market. This shopping guides are currently available on 30 different European markets (such as France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain... ) but also in Canada and Brasil.

  • An intuitive search engine

    These shopping guides have been created to make the search of your products easier, to suit your needs at the best price.

  • Time saving

    A lot of retail websites are referenced on our websites. When you will do a research, you will have a significant amount of results with only one request. In order to guarantee the independence of our websites, only the prices are taking into account for the order of appearance.


A quality comparison website for your tires

Best-tyres is a precious source of information in the process of buying new tires. This website compares hundreds of tire models of numerous brands. Our website is currently available in 6 countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom. This website will allow you to access to the ranking of the best summer, winter and all-season tires.

Find the best tires for your vehicle

Best-tyres gathers tire tests from the most respected European organisms for us to offer you an objective ranking of the most competitive tires of the last years.

With Best-tyres you are now able to make a choice in a record time! Once your choice will be made, you will find your tire at the best price on our independent price comparison engine Tyrecomp !