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Tire comparison tools

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Increase your traffic

Our tire price comparison tools such as Tirecomp.com, Tyrecomp.co.uk attract every year more than 2 million visitors worldwide. Broadcast your product catalog and reach out to a large motorists audience searching for tires.

Increase your sales

Internet users consulting our sites are very advanced in their act of purchase. We redirect our traffic directly to your product pages. Increase your sales by targeting our highly qualified users.

Put yourself forward

Increase your public audience

Put you brand in the spotlight

We highlight your brand through national or international campaigns. Several promotion formats are available (brand day, banners, promotional codes).

Highlight your seasonal operations

Our websites allow you to reach qualified motorists making their purchases on the Internet. Broadcast your seasonal campaigns for the purchase of tires, car parts or for vehicle maintenance.


Enrich and qualify your installers database

Expand your network of installers

We offer a solution for the acquisition and management of installers through the rental of our database. We currently have a network of over 1000 installers throughout France. We will soon open our services to other countries.

Qualify your data

Thanks to numerous contacts with our assembly partners, we offer you complete and up-to-date data on a daily basis. In addition to the contact details, prices and other services of the garages, we will also inform you of the closing dates of installers.

Market studies

Price and popularity monitoring solutions

Improve your market vision

Thanks to our solutions, we allow you to know which products are popular with our comparison engine's users. Best brands, best tires, get the most popular products monthly.

Keep an eye on the competition

Our unique pricing solution allows you to monitor a defined number of competitors, know your positioning and get for each product that you sell, the best price and average market price. Adjust your prices, your margins, and adapt your strategy according to the market.

Editorial contents

Broadcast your news

Promote your news

The tire price comparison tool Tyrecomp.co.uk publishes a tire blog, available in 5 languages. We devote part of our articles to the news of tire professionals. We propose you to highlight yourself on these blogs by publishing articles to present your activities, news and services!

Improve your SEO

By relaying your news through our quality articles, we include links to your websites, thus promoting your visibility on search engines.